Escape Room

Alice’s Wonder Escape

Escape Room – Alice’s Wonderescape


Alice needs your help! Once again she has found herself out of favor with the Queen. Something about “too small of a head” or some nonsense like that. Her regular companions (you know.. the Hatter, the Hare and Mally are away on official business for the White Queen. So, Alice has summoned you and your friends, by way of the rabbit hole, to help her sneak into the castle and find the way back home.

Of course the only looking glass in the land would have to be located in the evil Queen’s chambers. Luckily, the Mad Hatter has left clues that will help lead to your escape if you’re witty enough to solve them. But beware, knowing the Mad Hatter – there’s probably going to be a lot of silly nonsense and gibberish to contend with. You’ll have to decipher between what is and what isn’t important. You only have 60 minutes before the Queens’ Guard surrounds you. Then it’s “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!”

Do you have questions?

Escape rooms are puzzles built out of entire rooms. Awesome right? We designed each of our handcrafted escape rooms to provide a fun and challenging experience for you and your team. Never been to an escape room before? Don't worry, we've assembled some Escape Room Frequently Asked Questions to help you out!

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