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Help Save Christmas!

Escape Room – Help Save Christmas


Santa needs your help! It’s Christmas Eve and you know what that means; time for Santa and the reindeer to head out on their yearly trip to deliver toys to all the good little boys and girls. The sleigh is loaded up and Santa starts the take-off procedure. Calling out each reindeer by name….  you know how it goes. When he calls out his lead reindeer Rudolph, there is silence. All the other reindeer frantically look around, where is Rudolph? He is nowhere to be found. 

The head of Elf Security sounds the alarm. Can you help them find Rudolph?  You have to hurry! If Santa isn’t in the air within the next 60 minutes then Christmas won’t be the same.  

Help save Christmas!!

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Escape rooms are puzzles built out of entire rooms. Awesome right? We designed each of our handcrafted escape rooms to provide a fun and challenging experience for you and your team. Never been to an escape room before? Don't worry, we've assembled some Escape Room Frequently Asked Questions to help you out!

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